Articles by David Mario Smith


The Enterprise Chatbot: Conversation is More Than an Interface

February 14 2017

So, as enterprise planners look to develop strategies around conversational interfaces and chatbots, the goal has to be about moving towards conversational experiences...

Enterprise UCC is Giving Way to Conversational Experiences and Engagement

February 14 2017

We are at a pivotal time in enterprise communications and collaboration. The rise of mobile team messaging and collaboration applications such as Slack, Zinc, HipChat, Workplace by Facebook and the response from incumbents such as Cisco, Microsoft and Unify with Spark, Microsoft Teams and Circuit respectively, signify a shift in focus towards creating better conversational experiences...

Move Beyond Tech Jargon: Focus on Outcome-Based Collaboration

November 21 2016

In the collaboration space, and specifically in the unified communications and collaboration (UCC) market, we get so caught up on our own jargon, technical terms, naming conventions, and identifying categories that we lose sight of what really matters—how the technology or tool helps people get their work done...

Enabling Information Is The Future Of Work

October 6 2016

Information is indeed the lifeblood of every organization, along with the people who retain and transmit that information. At the heart of digital disruption and transformation is the fact that everything has become information-enabled...

Information Management Is Critical to Digital Transformation

August 17 2016

Every organization is now a digital business. Its information is an asset and its digital currency. Business leaders responsible for managing enterprise information have to focus on its life cycle, which is extremely critical for the success of the business...

Leverage Mobile Video to Support Digital Workplace Processes

July 25 2016

The digital workplace encompasses many technologies that require enterprises to focus on a sound, holistic strategy, which should include synergy between the technologies required to support key business processes. When thinking about video collaboration, a successful strategic enterprise video plan must include support for mobility...

The Digital Workplace Is an Experience, Not a  Destination

June 23 2016

We hear so much discussion about the digital workplace and digital transformation that we’ve made it into some sort of business destination. However, we forget about the bridge called "experience" that takes us to whatever that destination is...

The Pivotal Shift to Intelligent Collaboration

May 23 2016

I’m currently working on an upcoming report on the impact of artificial intelligence on collaboration, and we’re seeing a growing trend toward what I’m calling "intelligent collaboration." Increasingly, technology providers from differing backgrounds are trying to figure out how to include capabilities that leverage the insights from data to improve business processes and collaboration...

Developing Employee Resilience in the Face of Workplace Disruption

April 28 2016

As a technology industry analyst, I cut my teeth and traditionally wrote on technology issues. I’ve covered workplace collaboration for years and can geek out with the best of them. However, the modern workplace is undergoing rapid change due to digital disruption and transformation. The workplace is now very dynamic, which can lead to enormous amounts of stress...