An Open Cloud Strategy is Critical for Interoperability

The lack of interoperability has plagued communications and collaboration platforms for years, making contextual collaboration and integration into business workflows difficult. Having an open cloud strategy with open APIs, becomes a critical way to bring the multiple vendor islands of collaboration together for true interoperability. Video

CafeX Real-time Enables Customer Engagement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 With Live Assist

CafeX announced today, March 14, 2017, the general availability of its omni-channel service for Microsoft Dynamics 365, which it explains will personalize live engagement across digital touchpoints to help businesses enhance customer experiences. While that might sound like a mouthful, I believe the integrated solution has the potential to real-time enable the customer engagement continuum. … Read more

Slack Is All Growed Up – Launches Enterprise Grid To Address Scale and Security

Slack announced the launch of its Enterprise Grid platform on January 31, 2017, which addresses enterprise grade scalability and security and deeper integration into people’s business applications and processes. Slack maintains that the platform is designed to scale from 500-500,000 employees.  Slack also had several large reference customers at its launch, which includes Capital One, … Read more