Microsoft Ignite 2016 – Cloud, Collaboration and Democratizing AI For Better People Experiences

Microsoft Ignite 2016, held in Atlanta, September 26-29, has come and gone. However, it positioned Microsoft clearly as a leader and leading voice in cloud infrastructure, collaboration and artificial intelligence (AI). There were lots of announcements around products and services for security, productivity, collaboration, AI and cloud. The major categories I’ll focus on are Cloud, … Read more

Make The Shift To Outcome Based Collaboration

Successful Enterprise Collaboration has to be focused on actual business outcomes and be centered around people and how they work. As the buying centers for collaboration technology switches to lines of business leaders, there needs to be an ever tighter synergy between all lines of business including IT. This overall shift to business buyers means … Read more

In Flow Vs. Above Flow Collaboration

I’ve been covering the collaboration space for some time now and I have seen a lot of trends come and go. What’s been happening in the past few years, as we’ve seen the Social trend evolve, is that there has been a refocus on people workflows. There has been focus on supporting how people actually work.